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 What is Ansible?

     Ansible is an open source automation platform. It is very, very simple to setup and yet powerful. Ansible can help you with configuration management, application deployment, task automation. It can also do IT orchestration, where you have to run tasks in sequence and create a chain of events which must happen on several different servers or devices. An example is if you have a group of web servers behind a load balancer. Ansible can upgrade the web servers one at a time and while upgrading it can remove the current web server from the load balancer and disable it in your Nagios monitoring system. So in short you can handle complex tasks with a tool which is easy to use. Ansible Training Hyderabad.

   Unlike Puppet or Chef it doesn’t use an agent on the remote host. Instead Ansible uses SSH which is assumed to be installed on all the systems you want to manage. Also it’s written in Python which needs to be installed on the remote host. This means that you don’t have to setup a client server environment before using Ansible, you can just run it from any of your machines and from the clients point of view there is no knowledge of any Ansible server (you can run Puppet in standalone mode, but Puppet still needs to be installed). There are some other requirements though, for example if you want to do something related to git on a remote machine a git package must first be installed on the remote machine.

 ANSIBLE training Hyderabad

If you are running more than a few nodes to deliver an application, you may want to consider a reliable configuration management tool to ensure that all your nodes, depending on their identity, are running the correct code, and that their individual policy settings are in compliance with system-wide policies.

In general, there are two kinds of configuration tools:

1)      Pull-based tools

2)      Push-based tools

There are only a few (simplified) concepts you need to know before trying-out ansible:

  • Inventory: the list of your servers, ordered by groups

  • Tasks: an action on your server (e.g. copying a file or installing a package)

  • Roles: a role is a collection of tasks (e.g. Installation and configuration of a LAMP stack)

  • Playbooks: the orchestrator of your infrastructure it links tasks and roles to your inventory


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Call – +91 97899 68765 / +91 9962774619 / 044 – 42645495

Weekdays / Fast Track / Weekends / remote Online / Corporate Training modes available!

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