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Apache Storm Training Bangalore- Learn from Experts!

Apache Strom Training in Bangalorewith Big Data Analytics

Apache Storm Training

we use Storm to build real-time data integration systems. Storm helps us analyze, clean, normalize, and resolve large amounts of non-unique data points with low latency and high throughput.

Why Learn Apache Storm?

The Google search trend in the past one year evidently indicates Apache Storm as the next big thing in the Real Time Data Analytics ecosystem. Forecasted as the preferred open source platform for Real Time Big Data Analytics, Apache Storm will be a highly valued skill for professionals in the Data Analytics domain. This comprehensive course will enable you to understand Apache Storm from the basic. You will be mentored to work on multiple real world use cases using Apache Storm and its comparison with the Hadoop Ecosystem.

Why Take Apache Storm Training Course?

Apache Storm Training Bangalore provides a stable and faster means of real-time data processing for huge volumes of data streams.

Learning Storm will equip you with real-time analytics, online Machine Learning, features of Big Data, Hadoop Distributed Computing and much more.

This intensive Big data tutorial will also help you gain a competitive edge over others and get a desired job in top multinational companies like Yahoo!, Twitter, WebMD, Alibaba.com, Spotify, Groupon, Flout, Flipboard.

apache storm training Bangalore



Fast: Storm has been reported to process up to 1 million tuples per second per node.

Horizontally scalable: Being fast is a necessary feature to build a high volume/velocity data processing platform, but a single-node will have an upper limit on the number of events that it can process per second. A node represents a single machine in your setup that execute Storm applications. Storm, being a distributed platform, allows you to add more nodes to your Storm cluster and increase the processing capacity of your application. Also, it is linearly scalable, which means that you can double the processing capacity by doubling the nodes.

Fault tolerant: Units of work are executed by worker processes in a Storm cluster. When a worker dies, Storm will restart that worker, and if the node on which the worker is running dies, Storm will restart that worker on some other node in the cluster. The descriptions of the worker process is mentioned in the Configuring the parallelism of a topology section of Chapter 2, Setting Up a Storm Cluster.

Guaranteed data processing: Storm provides strong guarantees that each message passed on to it to process will be processed at least once. In the event of failures, Storm will replay the lost tuples. Also, it can be configured so that each message will be processed only once.

Easy to operate: Storm is simple to deploy and manage. Once the cluster is deployed, it requires little maintenance.

Programming language agnostic: Even though the Storm platform runs on Java Virtual Machine, the applications that run over it can be written in any programming language that can read and write to standard input and output streams.


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Call – +91 97899 68765 / +91 9962774619 / 044 – 42645495

Weekdays / Fast Track / Weekends / remote Online / Corporate Training modes available!


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