Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai

Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai

        Wouldn’t it be great to understand customer intent instead of just customer action? Wouldn’t it be great to understand your customers’ thought processes as they decide whether they’ll make a purchase? In the past it was virtually impossible to get answers to such questions. Today, they can be answered with the use of detailed web data. That’s what this course will cover & get you comfortable with.

          Big data analytics is massive and messy, and it’s coming at you fast. These characteristics pose a problem for data storage and processing, but focusing on these factors has resulted in a lot navel-gazing and an unnecessary emphasis on technology.


There is no better way to understand what big data is all about than to see some specific examples of big data and how it can be used. 

Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai

Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai

          Organizations across a number of industries have integrated detailed, customer-level behavioral data sourced from websites into their enterprise analytics environments. Most organizations, however, still end web integration with the inclusion of online transactions. Traditional web analytics vendors provide operational reporting on click-through rates, traffic sources, and metrics based only on web data. However, detailed web behavior data historically was not leveraged outside of web reporting.

          Leading companies have shown that detailed web data can provide previously untapped corporate value.

          The core theme of this training isn’t simply the taming of web data. Instead of aggregated web metrics from a distinct data silo, organizations should focus on integrating web data with all the other relevant information about their customers. Utilizing such information in a scalable analytics environment lets you move beyond purchasing insights about customers and into individual intentions, purchase decision processes, and preferences. Tapping into the rich insight provided by this new data source, an organization can make huge strides forward.

Big Data Analytics – Learning Objectives

After completing the course, students should be able to

  • Characterize the phenomena of Big Data and Big Data Analytics

  • Analyze and apply different visual analytics concepts and tools for a big data sets

  • Analyze and apply different concepts, methods, and tools for analyzing big data in organzizational contexts

  • Understand the linkages between business intelligence and business analytics and the potential benefits for organziations

  • Critically assess the ethical and legal issues in Big Data Analytics


  • Time to Business Impact
  • Business Decisions in Operation
  • Data Considerations
  • Applying Analytics at Production Scale
  • Linking Decisions and Analytics for Organizational Performance


Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai  - Course Contents


Title Contents
What is Big Data & Why Hadoop? Big Data Characteristics, Challenges with traditional system
Hadoop Overview &it’s Ecosystem Anatomy of Hadoop Cluster, Installing and Configuring Hadoop
Hands-On Exercise
HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System Name Nodes and Data Nodes
Hands-On Exercise
Map Reduce Anatomy How Map Reduce Works?
The Mapper & Reducer, Input Formats & Output Formats, Data Type & Customer Writable
Developing MapReduce Program Setting up Eclipse Development Environment, Creating Map Reduce Projects,Debugging and Unit Testing MapReduce Code, Testing with MRUnit
Hive, pig & Mahout Hands-On Exercise
R and Hadoop Overview Introduction to R tool
R and Hadoop Integration
Hadoop Streaming using R
RHadoop Overview
RHive Overview
Analytics Project Methodology Analytics Project Overview
Steps Invovled in Aanlytics Project
Analytics Techniques and Applications in Business
Implications of Big Data on Analytics
Working with RHadoop & RHive Word Count Example
Airline Optimization Example
Retail Store Example
Stocks Example
Business Case Study Big Data Analytics Case Study
Problem Identification and Solution Design
Data Analysis and Visualization
Final Insights and Recommendations


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