Big Data & Hadoop Administrator Training Chennai

Big Data & Hadoop Administrator Training Chennai

Course Outline:
What is Big Data & Why Hadoop?

• Big Data Characteristics, Challenges with traditional system

Hadoop Overview & it’s Ecosystem

• HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System

• Name Nodes, Secondary Name Nodes and Data Nodes

• Map Reduce Anatomy – How Map Reduce Works?

• Job Tracker, Task Tracker

• Planning and designing a Hadoop Cluster

Hands-On Exercise – Setting up a distributed Hadoop Cluster ( 3 Nodes )

Hands-On Exercise – Basic HDFS Operations

Populating HDFS from RDBMS

Hands On Exercises - Using Sqoop for importing and exporting data

Managing and Scheduling jobs

• Starting and stopping Map Reduce jobs

• Overview of various schedulers for scheduling jobs

• FIFO, Fair and Capacity Scheduler

Hands On Exercises – Managing and scheduling jobs

Managing HDFS

• Understand Name Node and Secondary Name Node Files

• Checking HDFS health

• Rebalancing nodes in cluster

• Backing up name node metadata

• Commissioning and decommissioning Map Reduce nodes

Hands On Exercises – Adding and Removing Nodes

Hands On Exercises – NameNode Recovery

Monitoring Hadoop Cluster

• Checking counters, metrics & Log Files

• Using the Name Node and Job Tracker Web UIs

• Monitoring with Ganglia

Hands On Exercises – Using Web UIs and HDFS Health Check

Hands On Exercises – Configuring Ganglia for Monitoring

Benchmarking and optimizing a Cluster

• Various Configuration Parameters & Best Practices

• Benchmarking a Cluster

Hands On Exercises – Running Benchmarking operations

Best Practices


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