Hadoop Architect Training

Hadoop Architecture Training – Hadoop Training Chennai

Hadoop Training Chennai

Introduction to Distributed systems

o High Availability

o Scaling

o Advantages

• Introduction to Big Data

o Big Data opportunities

o Big Data Challenges

• Introduction to Hadoop

o Hadoop Distributed File System

o Hadoop Architecture

o Map Reduce & HDFS

• Hadoop Eco Systems

o Introduction to Pig

o Introduction to Hive

o Introduction to HBase

o Other eco system Map

• Hadoop Administration

o Hadoop Installation & Configuration

o Setting up Standalone system

o Setting up pseudo distributed cluster

o Setting up distributed cluster

• The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

o HDFS Design & Concepts

o Blocks, Name nodes and Data nodes

o Hadoop DFS The Command-Line Interface

o Basic File System Operations

o Reading Data from a Hadoop URL

o Reading Data Using the File System API

• Map Reduce

o Map and Reduce Basics.

o How Map Reduce Works

o Anatomy of a Map Reduce Job Run

o Job Submission, Job Initialization, Task Assignment, Task Execution

o Progress and Status Updates

o Job Completion, Failures

o Shuffling and Sorting.

o Combiner

o Hadoop Streaming

• Map/Reduce Programming – Java

o Hands on “Word Count” in Map/Reduce in Eclipse

o Sorting files using Hadoop Configuration API discussion

o Emulating “grep” for searching inside a file in Hadoop

o Chain Mapping API discussion

o Job Dependency API discussion and Hands on

o Input Format API discussion and hands on

o Input Split API discussion and hands on

o Custom Data type creation in Hadoop

• Discussion on business use cases

Hadoop Training Chennai : Trainer is an experienced industry expert with extensive experience in Training & Consulting - Solutions Architect & Big Data Consultant – Active contributor for HADOOP community.

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