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Docker Container Training Overview

Docker Training Chennai : The open-source Docker virtualization technology is one of the most exciting innovations to enter the enterprise IT space in years. Docker is a container virtualization technology that offers the promise of a more efficient, lightweight approach to application deployment than most organizations are currently implementing. With a traditional virtualization hypervisor like VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V or the open-source Xen and Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technologies, each virtual machine (VM) needs its own operating system. In contrast, with Docker, applications sit inside a container that resides on a single host operating system, that can serve many containers.

Docker training which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment.

We’ll explain why Docker exists and why you should care about it. We’ll then take you through a variety of hands-on exercises designed to help you quickly grow from a beginner into a seasoned user including:

  • Installing the Docker Engine

  • Creating our first Docker container

  • Building Docker images

  • Storing and retrieving Docker images from Docker Hub

  • Building containers from images

  • Using Docker for sandboxing and testing

  • Deploying applications with Docker

By the end of the course you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

Docker Training Chennai

Docker Training chennai Classroom / Online

Course outline:

  • Course Introduction
  • Introducing Containers
  • Installing Ubuntu Linux and CentOS Linux
  • Installing and Updating Docker
  • Major Docker Components
  • A Closer Look at Images and Containers
  • Container Management
  • Building from a Dockerfile
  • Working with Registries
  • Diving Deeper with Dockerfile
  • Docker Networking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lightning Fast Recap
  • Next Steps


Training is Primarily hands-On & available as

Classroom / Online / Corporate Training

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