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Variety. Velocity. Volume. The digital age we live in today means that businesses must harness data coming at them in increasingly disparate form, at a faster pace, and in greater quantity with each new day.

BigData OnDemand — The exponential growth of data in the recent past has got 2012 to be named as year of bigdata and the year so far has seen encouraging inventions from various small to big players in data and its analytics areana.


Set the overall big data strategy to create a roadmap of recommendations and initiatives
Integrate structured and unstructured data to make the most of existing investments
Update infrastructure to facilitate quick search, cataloging and indexing of unstructured data
Focus on how and when certain elements of Hadoop can be used to process data volumes
Improve ability to make intelligent decisions through advanced exploratory analytics

The exponentially decreasing costs of data storage combined with the soaring volume of data being captured presents challenges and opportunities to those who work in the new frontiers of data science. Businesses, government agencies, and scientists leveraging data-based decisions are more successful than those relying on decades of trial-and-error. But taming and harnessing big data can be a herculean undertaking. The data must be collected, processed and distilled, analyzed, and presented in a manner humans can understand. Because there are no degrees in data science, data scientists must grow into their roles. If you are looking for resources to help you better understand big data and analytics, We have the knowledge and experience needed to help make your systems contribute to the success of your business. Form a tandem with us and take advantage of our capacity to manage, process and analyze big data effectively, quickly and economically.

Hadoop Big Data Training Classroom / Online / Corporate Training

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Course Content:Course Outline:• What is Big Data & Why Hadoop? 

• Big Data Characteristics, Challenges with traditional system

• Hadoop Overview & it’s Ecosystem

• Anatomy of Hadoop Cluster, Installing and Configuring Hadoop

• Hands-On Exercise

• HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System

• Name Nodes and Data Nodes

• Hands-On Exercise

• Map Reduce Anatomy

• How Map Reduce Works?

• The Mapper & Reducer, InputFormats & OutputFormats, Data Type & Customer Writables

• Developing Map Reduce Programs

• Setting up Eclipse Development Environment, Creating Map Reduce Projects, Debugging and Unit Testing Map Reduce Code, Testing with MRUnit

• Hands-On Exercise

• Advanced Map Reduce Concepts

• Combiner, Partitioner, Counter, Compression, Setup and teardown, Speculative Execution, Zero Reducer and Distributed Cache

• Hands-On Exercise

• Advanced Map Reduce Algorithms  • Sorting, Searching and Indexing, Multiple Inputs, Chaining multiple jobs  • Joins, Handling Binary & Unstructured data 

• Hands-On Exercise

• Advanced Tips & Techniques

• Determining optimal number of reducers, skipping bad records

• Partitioning into multiple output files & Passing parameters to tasks

• Optimizing Hadoop Cluster & Performance Tuning

• Monitoring & Management of Hadoop

• Managing HDFS with Tools like fsck and dfsadmin

• Using HDFS & Job Tracker Web UI

• Routine Administration Procedures

• Commissioning and decommissioning of nodes

• Hands-On Exercise

• Using Hive & Pig

• Hive Basics & Pig Basics

• Hands-On Exercise

• Sqoop

• Importing and Exporting data from using RDBMS

• Hands-On Exercise

• Deploying Hadoop on Cloud

• Deploying and Configuring Hadoop on Amazon EC2

• Using Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)

• Hadoop Best Practices and Use Cases


Phone: +91 9789968765 / 044 42645495

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