iOS swift programming training

Course Overview

   • Basic knowledge of OOPs programming

  •  Have surface level of iOS programming will be beneficial
  •  Have basic knowledge of UI elements in iOS will be beneficial


What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding SWIFT Language in terms syntax and Symantics
  • How variables and constants are define and managed in memory
  • SWIFT syntax, Disclosure, Methods new data types in Swift
  • Properties and Protocols in Swift
  • OOPs concepts in Swift
  • Nesting Types in Swift
  • Functions and Closures in Swift
  • Create simple application using SWIFT

Course Outline

  • Swift Language Syntax
  • Installing and Configuring iOS Development Tools
  • XCode Development Environment
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Designing Model-View-Controller Applications
  • The ARC System
  • Usage of the Most Common Views and View Controllers
  • Creating Adaptive User Interfaces for Multiple iOS Devices
  • Responding to User Interactions with Event Handlers
  • Accessing and Maintaining Database Objects
  • Persisting Data Manually and with Core Data
  • Service Oriented Architecture Concepts
  • Implementing Web Services into iOS Applications
  • Storyboard Development for Multiple Platforms
  • Developing Interfaces for Multiple Platforms and Resolutions
  • Core APIs and Frameworks
  • Apple Design Guidelines and Good Code Design Practices
  • Hardware Camera System and Image Capturing
  • Audio and Video Recording/Playback

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