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Open Source Puppet is a declarative, model-based configuration management solution that lets you define the state of your IT infrastructure, using the Puppet language. Open Source Puppet then automatically enforces the correct configuration to ensure the right services are up and running, on the right platforms.

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Automate. Move Faster. Increase Reliability.

It’s not easy being in IT operations today. The volume and complexity of infrastructure you manage is growing and getting smarter. On top of that, you’ve got demands from the business to do more and faster, without sacrificing security and reliability. How do you strike that balance?

Get More Done in Less Time

With Puppet, you define the state of your IT infrastructure, and Puppet automatically enforces the desired state. Puppet automates every step of the software delivery process, from provisioning of physical and virtual machines to orchestration and reporting; from early-stage code development through testing, production release and updates. Puppet Training Hyderabad.

  • Free up time to work on projects that deliver more business value

  • Ensure consistency, reliability and stability

  • Facilitate closer collaboration between sysadmins and developers

Why use Puppet?

Productivity / Efficiency - Most IT management solutions deliver efficiencies of 20-30 nodes per sysadmin.  Puppet enables 100s and even 1000s of nodes per sysadmin!

Responsiveness To Business Needs - Using Puppet, customers have dramatically reduced the time it takes them todeliver applications into production, from weeks to days and even hours.

Eliminate Configuration Drift - With Puppet, your nodes (servers, desktops, etc.) remain in the state you set for them, dramatically improving service availability, reliability, scalability, and performance.

Visibility - Puppet provides rich data sets not only of infrastructure configuration but also of any changes to that infrastructure, whether under direct control of Puppet or not.  You have much more visibility into the changesoccurring in your infrastructure over time and their impact to service levels



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Weekdays / Fast Track / Weekends / remote Online / Corporate Training modes available!

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Call – +91 97899 68765 / +91 9962774619 / 044 – 42645495

Weekdays / Fast Track / Weekends / remote Online / Corporate Training modes available!


Puppet Training Also available across India in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurgon, Noida, Kochin, Tirvandram, Goa, Vizag, Mysore,Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Guwahati

On-Demand Fast track Scala Training globally available also at Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, London, San Jose, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Boston, Wuhan, San Francisco, Chongqing.

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