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What Is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is a cluster computing platform designed to be fast and general-purpose.

spark training Hyderabad

On the speed side, Spark extends the popular MapReduce model to efficiently support more types of computations, including interactive queries and stream processing. Speed is important in processing large datasets, as it means the difference between exploring data interactively and waiting minutes or hours. One of the main features Spark offers for speed is the ability to run computations in memory, but the system is also more efficient than MapReduce for complex applications running on disk.

Spark MLlib Training 

One of the major attractions of Spark is the ability to scale computation massively, and that is exactly what you need for machine learning algorithms. But the caveat is that all machine learning algorithms cannot be effectively parallelized. Each algorithm has its own challenges for parallelization, whether it is task parallelism or data parallelism. Having said that, Spark is becoming the de-facto platform for building machine learning algorithms and applications.

 Its goal is to make practical machine learning scalable and easy. It consists of common learning algorithms and utilities, including classification, regression, clustering, collaborative filtering, dimensionality reduction, as well as lower-level optimization primitives and higher-level pipeline APIs. spark MLlib Training Hyderabad .

spark Mlib training Hyderabad


It divides into two packages:

  • spark.mllib contains the original API built on top of RDDs.

  • provides higher-level API built on top of DataFrames for constructing ML pipelines.

Using is recommended because with DataFrames the API is more versatile and flexible. But we will keep supporting spark.mllib along with the development of Users should be comfortable using spark.mllib features and expect more features coming. Developers should contribute new algorithms to if they fit the ML pipeline concept well, e.g., feature extractors and transformers.

Spark Graphx

GraphX is a new component in Spark for graphs and graph-parallel computation. At a high level, GraphX extends the Spark RDD by introducing a new Graph abstraction: a directed multigraph with properties attached to each vertex and edge. To support graph computation, GraphX exposes a set of fundamental operators (e.g., subgraph, joinVertices, and aggregateMessages) as well as an optimized variant of the Pregel API. In addition, GraphX includes a growing collection of graph algorithms and builders to simplify graph analytics tasks.


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Weekdays / Fast Track / Weekends / remote Online / Corporate Training modes available!

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