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Spark SQL Training 

Apache Spark framework is and how it helps with big data processing analytics needs in the organizations.

Spark SQL, part of Apache Spark big data framework, is used for structured data processing and allows running SQL like queries on Spark data. We can perform ETL on the data from different formats like JSON, Parquet, Database) and then run ad-hoc querying.

In this second installment of the article series, we’ll look at the Spark SQL library, how it can be used for executing SQL queries against the data stored in batch files, JSON data sets, or Hive tables.

spark Sql training Mumbai

features some of which are listed below:

DataFrame: The new release provides a programming abstraction called DataFrames which can act as distributed SQL query engine.

Data Sources: With the addition of the data sources API, Spark SQL now makes it easier to compute over structured data stored in a wide variety of formats, including Parquet, JSON, and Apache Avro library.

JDBC Server: The built-in JDBC server makes it easy to connect to the structured data stored in relational database tables and perform big data analytics using the traditional BI tools.

sparkSql training Mumbai


Spark SQL Components

The two main components when using Spark SQL are DataFrame and SQLContext.

Let’s look at DataFrame first.


A DataFrame is a distributed collection of data organized into named columns. It is based on the data frame concept in R language and is similar to a database table in a relational database.

SchemaRDD in prior versions of Spark SQL API, has been renamed to DataFrame.

DataFrames can be converted to RDDs by calling the rdd method which returns the content of the DataFrame as an RDD of Rows.

DataFrames can be created from different data sources such as:

  • Existing RDDs

  • Structured data files

  • JSON datasets

  • Hive tables

  • External databases


Spark SQL Training Mumbai provides SQLContext to encapsulate all relational functionality in Spark. You create the SQLContext from the existing SparkContext that we have seen in the previous examples. Following code snippet shows how to create a SQLContext object.



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