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Splunk is a primary tool used by this company for making use of big data and gaining real-time operational intelligence from their infrastructure. They use Splunk for application management, security, performance management, analytics for their public APIs, and for funneling analysis of click-through rates in order to understand and optimize placements of ads.


This Splunk Course enable users to create robust searches, reports and charts. Major topics include statistics and reporting, formatting and calculating results, charting commands and options, correlating events, creating summaries, enriching data with lookups, and more. Splunk Training Chennai

Splunk Training Classroom / Online Chennai, Bangalore

Course Outline

Search Fundamentals

  • Examine the anatomy of a search
  • Understand search language syntax concepts
  • Review fields and use the fields command
  • Create a table
  • Examine multi-value fields

Getting Statistics

  • Understand the stats command
  • Display top and rare values for given fields
  • Use the stats command to create statistical reports

Formatting and Calculating

  • Understand the eval command
  • Perform calculations on field values
  • Convert, round, and format field values
  • Use conditional statements


  • Create charts and time charts
  • Split values into multiple series
  • Omit null and other values from charts
  • Apply statistical functions

Correlating Events

  • Identify transactions
  • Correlate events
  • Report on transactions

Enrich Data with Lookups

  • Create a lookup table
  • Define a lookup
  • Configure automatic and time-based lookups

Creating Summaries

  • Define summaries
  • Populate and run searches against a summary


  • Manage macros
  • Create and use a basic macro
  • Define and use arguments and variables for a macro


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